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Filled my first archery tag after 6 years of trying. Hunted 9 days and it was the first trip I didn't even give myself the thought of cutting it short. Your videos have helped me to fine tune my skills and most of all to keep mentally positive, confident and to never give up. Thanks man!

Jarrod R.YouTube Subscriber

Hey man just wanted to say thank you. Watched your YouTube channel and took your advice on mule deer hunting and got this buck here in Colorado.

Nate Y.YouTube Subscriber

You took the time a few weeks back to have a conversation with me about mountain goats and goat hunting for my 1st goat hunt. Well, this past Saturday I put one in the salt after 11 days of hunting. Thank you!

David S.YouTube Subscriber

Watched this video multiple times before my elk hunt. Filled my tag on day 7 and it's amazing how accurate this video was for me. (I am definitely high stress.)

Charlie S.YouTube Subscriber

Cliff Gray

After a short stint as a financial trader, Cliff left the corporate world to found and operate some of the largest and most remote wilderness outfitting businesses in North America.

Cliff is an avid outdoorsman, pilot and certified wilderness first responder. He has personally guided dozens of big game hunts, while his previous businesses have operated more than a thousand wilderness expeditions. Before pissing them away to become a hunting guide, Cliff earned degrees from Stanford University and University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

Cliff sold all of his operating outfitting businesses in 2021 to become a YouTuber and make his parents proud.