2024 Hunting Masterclass

I have teamed up with Jordan Jonas to operate several hunting courses in his Idaho Selway outfitting area.
Although these April classes will take place during Spring bear season, we will cover the primary skillsets used on all Western big game hunts.
Middays will include structured lessons that will be applied during the prime hunting hours each morning and afternoon.  Harvesting animals should be considered a bonus, not an expectation. Unlike a guided hunt where you may feel awkward about asking detailed questions or stopping your guide for an explanation – we are seeking to foster the opposite! Ask questions… let’s get into the details, so you can leave feeling much better equipped on the skillset front.
The other instructor/guide on these trips will be experienced guide and hunter Cade Cole.
We will be at a remote fly-in location in an area with high bear density and low hunting pressure.
I will pack-in a couple sighted-in hunting rifles if clients need to borrow a rifle.
2 Guides/4 Students/5 days
April 21-25th or April 26-30th Booked – email web@pursuitwithcliff.com to be added to the waiting list and notified of additional classes.
2 Guides/2 Students/5 days
May 8th-12th Booked – email web@pursuitwithcliff.com to be added to the waiting list and notified of additional classes.

May 13th-17th – 1 Spot OPEN!

$6,000 + Flight/Tags (Per Client)
(Flights can vary from $125-300/ each way per person depending on weather)
Plus 6% ID Sales Tax
Contact Cliff@pursuitwithcliff.com with questions and availability for future courses.

What We'll Cover

Day 1: Arrival Day – Depending on Flight Arrivals and Weather

Elements of a Good Camp Site
Basic Camp Setup
Rifle Shooting Positions and Rests
Identifying Glassing Locations
Common Game Violation Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

Day 2:

Morning Hunt
Winds, Thermals, and Scent
Hunting Gear
Rifle Setup, Zeroing, and Basic Ballistics
Afternoon Hunt

Day 3:

Morning Hunt
Glassing – Optics and Glassing Setups
Planning Stalks
Afternoon Hunt

Day 4:

Morning Hunt
Tracking/Game Behavior
Fire Building, Navigation, Wilderness Survival/First-Aid
Meal Planning for Hunts
Afternoon Hunt

Day 5:

Morning Hunt
Vegetation, What Does Each Species Eat
Camp Breakdown

If Animal Harvested:

Skinning, Quartering and Packing Meat


  • All participants must be capable of hiking 2-3 miles at elevation. We view hunting as an active activity and each day of the seminar will contain physical activity.
  • Students are encouraged to take a hunter’s safety course in their state of residence before attending. You can’t purchase hunting tags without a hunter’s safety certification. The majority of the course can usually be taken online through Hunter-ed.com. All state’s vary but most also require a “field course” that is 4-6 hours.
  • Firearm and archery marksmanship is only touched on in the course. To become proficient in these fields, we suggest self study/practice before the course dates.