Interviews and Podcasts with Cliff

Cliff Gray has founded some of the most successful remote wilderness guide services in North America and has personally guided dozens of hunts over the last two decades, for various species of big game, while his multiple guide services have guided thousands of expeditions.

Cliff sold all of his guide businesses in 2021 to focus on providing knoweldge to the public from his years of guiding.

With decades of experience as a hunter, guide, and outfitter, Cliff Gray has hunted more elk than many of us could ever experience in a lifetime. His time as a guide and outfitter has allowed him to see the common mistakes that elk hunters make, and how the consistently-successful hunters make success happen. In this conversation, Cliff shares some of the ways that struggling elk hunters can find more consistent success on public land elk hunts.

Join Jay Scott as he talks with Colorado resident and hunting guide, Cliff Gray, of Flattops Wilderness Guides about the upcoming applications deadline for big game hunting in Colorado including Elk, Mule Deer, Sheep and Goat.

Join Jay Scott as he talks with Cliff Gray of Flat Tops Wilderness Guides and True Hunts.

On this episode, we are joined by returning guest, Cliff Gray of Flat Tops Wilderness Guides to talk about what you should be doing right now to prepare for an elk or deer hunt in the west this fall. Cliff walks us through why gear is important, but also why it shouldn’t necessarily be at the top of your list based. We also touch on a 2020 Colorado hunting outlook where we highlight a number of potential outcomes based on various weather patterns and changes in hunting pressure due to the corona virus.

We then talk about “True Hunts” which is his hunting outfit that specializes in planning and booking a dream hunt anywhere in the world. As part of this venture, Cliff also puts on mountain hunting seminars to help beginners and people who want to learn more hands-on, tactical knowledge when it comes to western hunting. In conjunction with these seminars, he has created an entire library of videos on his youtube page to help kickstart your western hunting experience with videos on gear, thermals, and feed, just to name a few.

Listen as Jay Scott talks with Cliff Gray about the Colorado hunting season and what units to apply for elk, deer, sheep, goat and bear.

Today we are joined by returning guest, Cliff Gray who is the owner of Flat Tops Wilderness Guides where we discuss all things related to elk and deer hunting in Colorado. During this podcast, we dive into a recap of the 2019 hunting conditions, success rates and setting realistic expectations for public land elk hunting. We also talk about weather related trends and how precipitation can affect elk and elk hunting conditions.

We talk about the current and future state of elk/deer hunting in Colorado in regards to the quality of hunting, animal numbers, policy decisions, and hunting pressure. We talk about 2020 season date changes and the positives and negatives associated with them. Lastly, we speculate on decline of elk numbers in Colorado in recent years, what is causing it, and what could be done to help improve hunting and wildlife.

Listen as Jay Scott talks with outfitter Cliff Gray about Colorado mule deer, elk, sheep, goat and bear hunts.

Listen as Jay Scott talks with Cliff Gray of and Flat Tops Wilderness Guides about Black Bear hunting in BC.

Cliff has guided and outfitted hundreds of hunts for goats, sheep, elk, bears, and mule deer throughout North America. He’s a registered outfitter in the State of Colorado with commercial special use permits for hunting, fishing, and remote horse packing in the White River National Forest and Flat Tops Wilderness Area of the Rocky Mountains.

Jay Scott talks with professional guide and outfitter Cliff Gray of Flat Tops Wilderness Guides about footwear throughout the seasons.  Listen as Cliff goes specifically through each season and which specific footwear he recommends for each application as the season progresses from early to late season.  In this episode you will hear exact tips on how to find the right boot for you, tips for keeping your feet happy, maintenance and your feet and your footwear, Surfing excursions, starting a fire in the backcountry tips and much more.