Everything You Need to Know To Take On Your Own Elk Hunts

I have teamed up with Cade Cole in his Jackson Hole/Teton Wilderness outfitting area to put on the most extensive elk hunt preparation seminar available.
Although this course does not include hunting with a tag in hand, it provides ample real-world opportunity to glass, study the behavior of and plan stalks on wild elk. These elk are on public land and have seen intense hunting pressure over the years. Being able to iterate on hunting skill-sets around these animals, while accompanied by life-long elk hunting guides, will be invaluable to any future DIY or guided elk hunter.
The topics covered during this seminar will apply to all elk hunting. Yet, a special emphasis will be put on backpack style elk hunting. The course consists of two days in the classroom and on the range, in addition to two days in the wilderness out of your hunting backpack.
Unlike a guided hunt where you may feel awkward about asking detailed questions or stopping your guide for an explanation – we are seeking to foster the opposite! Ask questions… let’s get into the details, so you can leave feeling much better equipped on the skillset front.

What We'll Cover

Day 1: Classroom and Range Day

  • Rifles and optics
  • Understanding bullets selection
  • Kinetic energy and trajectory
  • Compiling DOPE
  • Shooting positions
  • Field rests
  • Dry fire
  • Wind holds
  • Game animal Anatomy
  • Archery Fundamentals
  • Range session

Day 2: Into the Field

  • Loading the pack
  • Necessary equipment
  • Choosing a campsite
  • Shelter options
  • Paracord knots and hitches
  • Glassing tools
  • Glassing techniques
Utilizing OnX

Day 3.1: Mock Hunt

  • Morning Glassing
  • Planning a stalk
  • Estimating distance
  • Utilizing Range Finders

Day 3.2 : Evening Mock Hunt

  • Time management
  • Stalk Progression
  • Wind and Thermals
  • Animal bedding behaviors
  • Animal movement behaviors
  • Ethics
  • Evening Glassing
  • Night time Navigation techniques

Day 4.1: The Return

  • Morning Glass session
  • Calling Elk
  • Tracking and Blood Trailing
  • Breaking down camp
  • Forest regulations

Day 4.2: Back to Lodge

  • Skin and cape Goat/Sheep
  • Quartering process
  • Deboning process
  • Proof of sex
  • Common game violations
  • Barbecue

This trip includes time in the field but does not include hunting – For seminars that include a hunt check these out.

Course Location:

1 hour from Riverton, WY airport
1 hour and 45 minutes from Jackson Hole, WY airport
Basic accommodations provided. Clients can stay the night before the course starts and the night after it ends.

July 20th-23th, 2024 $3,000 per client – During these dates both Cliff and Cade will be teaching.

August 2nd-5th, 2024 $2,600 per client – During these dates Cade will be teaching.

These are small classes, so availability is highly limited.

Contact Cliff@pursuitwithcliff.com with questions and to book.


  • All participants must be capable of hiking 3-4 miles at elevation, with a backpack. We view hunting as an active activity and each day of the seminar will contain physical activity.
  • Students must have their own backpack hunting gear – sleeping bag, clothing, shelter/tarp/tent, backpack, sleeping pad, headlamp, etc… A gear list will be provided.
  • Gun Werks rifles and ammo will be provided for hunters needing to borrow a rifle.

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