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This video will be a huge help to elk hunters looking for tips to improve their skills for future elk hunts. It’s painful to wait all year for elk season, spend thousands of dollars and time planning – just to blow it all when you are covering the last few hundred yards of a stalk. This scenario is super common across all elk hunting experience levels. That is why I developed the TWT-MSS framework. Timing, Wind, Terrain then Movement, Shooting Locations, Stalk Plan.

Average hunters have a 20-30% success rate on stalks. Guides and hunters with a systematic approach like the one I describe in this video achieve 80%+. I saw it with my own eyes, across dozens of guides that worked for me over the years.

This 40+ minute video can be easily internalized into a 5 minute process for you personally, once you have practiced the methodology. In addition to the details of the framework, the video dives into two real world examples.

Watch this video now, follow the framework I present and then walk yourself through the examples I use.

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Cliff G

Author Cliff G

Cliff is an avid outdoorsman. He has a pilot’s license and is a certified wilderness first responder. Cliff has founded and operated some of largest and most remote wilderness outfitting businesses in North America. He has personally guided dozens of big game hunts, while his previous businesses have operated more than a thousand wilderness expeditions.

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